Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Zhuang ethnic group makes up 75% of the population in Guangxi. The Zhuang have their own language although Zhuang dialects differ from place to place and are not all mutually intelligible. This young woman is singing a song for us. Traditionally, improvised singing was used for courting. A girl might sing to the boy, 'Which village do you come from? Hey niao niao luo' The boy would respond in song, ' I come from such and such a place, Hey niao niao luo.' In this way the two can get to know each other and decide if they like the other's singing voice.
Cormorant birds. In Guangxi cormorant birds are trained to do a man's fishing for him. The birds are natural fishers. The fishermen tie a cord around the base of the bird's neck so that it can't completely swallow the fish. The birds return to the bamboo raft with a fish stuck in their throat and the fisherman has easy pickings.

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