Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chengyang Qiao

The Dong build elaborate timberframe bridges. This one in Chengyang is the biggest of its kind. It was constructed without the use of nails, bolts, or fasteners. In front of the bridge's pilings you can see one of the many bamboo waterwheels used for lifting water into the fields. We also saw several men using long bamboo spears for spearfishing.
Exploring a hilltop garden.

Veggies drying in satellite dishes.

The bamboo dance is done by various tribal peoples in southern China including the Li of Hainan. The men holding the bamboo play two beats with the poles separated, and two beats with the poles together, so the dancers have to jump down the line to keep from getting their ankles caught.

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Philip said...

this picture of kalila is absolutely beautiful! i'm saving it as my desktop (it's replacing aliens vs. predator).