Friday, February 27, 2009


Terraced gardens outside of Zhaoxing, a Dong village in Guizhou.
The Dong tribe lives in close proximity but has a completely different language than the Miao. The Dong also produce much of what they need locally. This Dong man uses strips of bamboo to weave a horseshoe shaped satchel used for carrying things to and from the fields. The crescent shaped basket at his right is for carrying a locally smithed hook knife. The circular bamboo trays are for drying and sifting. The tubs behind him are full of natural indigo dye used to color the local clothing. Zhaoxing, Guizhou

Above a front door in Zhaoxing, Guizhou

These were some lively troublemakers, I mean sweet old ladies we met in Zhaoxing. If you go to Zhaoxing say hello to these two friends. They had a good sense of humor and made us feel welcome.

The Dong tribe is numerous in Ghuizhou and Guangxi Province. This is one of many drum towers in Zhaoxing, a Dong village in Southeast Guizhou. The drum tower serves as a central meeting area and is usually filled with people relaxing around a fire, playing cards, or a local board game that uses stones whose diagonal board is carved into the benches. To the right of the motorcycle you can see the dark indigo fabric produced in the village. The Dong tribe has a well deserved reputation for being wonderful singers. The drum towers are also centers for singing and playing lusheng.

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